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Engine Battery Isolator 2 weeks 6 days ago #1675

Hi all,

I'm working back through the Camping Crew Podcasts and I think around episode 103, there was talk about a little green knob mounted on the terminal for the engine battery that once unscrewed disconnects the negative power. There was some cons mentioned that it can vibrate loose and kill the battery power unexpectantly, and that it was usually fitted to older vehicles especially German vehicles.

I actually bought and fitted one of these to our little 1997 unit last year as the battery was draining constantly and couldn't find out the reason why, and since I did I have never looked back, it's been invaluable, the battery fires up the engine first time every time no matter how many weeks it hasn't been in use. I also find it a bit of piece of mind that I can unscrew the know completely and take it with me as a bit of a deterrent (doesn't take much to bypass it mind if someone really wanted to start it) I actually bought 4 and carry them as spares hidden around the van and home just in case, but they are very resonable via Amazon, I think they were only 13 euro for a 2 pack.

Now I know we have an old van, little or nothing in way of ECU's and that so the only thing that resets when the engine battery is disconnect is the Radio, we don't use the other things connected to the cigarette socket, like the 3 socket extender and usb hub unless we are driving so not an issue for for but can see it being for more modern vehicles that it might upset the vehicles engine management systems and that,

But like most things in the camping world what suits one won't work for another... But felt I had to give my tuppence worth   (again)

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Engine Battery Isolator 2 weeks 44 minutes ago #1676

I remember on an old van I had years ago I had a draining power problem too and could not figure it out.

So to disconnect the battery & for security reasons I fitted a knock of switch in the wardrobe and that cured the draining and if anyone broke in they couldn't start the van.

Happy Camping
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