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Camping stats for Ireland


  • The Domestic market accounted for 1.5 million bednights and Overseas account for 932,000 bednights. 
  • The biggest foreign market was the UK 30% followed Netherland, Germany and France.
  • 78% of visitors travel between June and August
  • In 2009, the figures for accommodation types were: caravans 30%, motorhome 35%, Camping 30%.






Great news from Cobh County Council...


The Airs in Cobh has turned over almost €20,000 in the year 2018.





More news on Cobh..

Cobh Aire:

Claims camper van drivers are ‘dodging parking fees’
Irish Examiner17 Sep 2018Sean O’Riordan

Some penny-pinching camper van drivers are dodging charges for overnight use of the country’s only municipal-run motorhome/campervan park, it has been suggested.

But plans are being drawn up to prevent reoccurrences at the park on the seafront in Cobh, Co Cork.

Members of the CobhGlanmire Municipal District Council were advised camper vehicles were arriving at the site at the Five Foot Walk after traffic wardens finished their shifts, then departing in the mornings before the wardens resumed work.

Municipal district officer Paraig Lynch revealed €8,790 had been collected from camper van visitors between January and June of this year, and a further €9,100 during July and August. But Cllr Cathal Rasmussen was furious at the income levels and claimed the district council should have benefitted by more. He indicated he regularly visited the site and saw vehicles parked up which had not paid a fee.

Cllr Sinead Shepperd said she had spotted posts on Facebook which advised the parking was free.

“It’s a very busy area out there,” said Mr Rasmussen. “I’ve been keeping a check on it. That’s terrible compared to the income we should have got. Most of the time there are 30 to 35 camper vans out there. We should have got double the amount that came in.

“I accept it’s difficult (to police) as we don’t have somebody out there all the time checking it. We’ve made huge progress in a short time but I’m genuinely concerned about this. I go out there at 6.30am,” he added. Mr Lynch offered to provide the councillor with a fines book, to which Mr Rasmussen replied: “No problem.”

Cllr Diarmaid Ó Cadhla suggested electronic barriers and disc-dispensing machines might solve the problem.