Welcome to campsitereview.com. We are a non profit web site & forum based in Tipperary in Ireland set up back in 2005.

We had to close our old web site & forum due to the fact that our hosting company in the UK was hacked and they lost ALL our backup data including the contact details of our 7000+ forum members.


BUT we are back.


This is a website to let people have their say and recommend (or not) a camp site that they may have visited in the past.


We will be adding to the site as we go on, so if you have any suggestions for a web page let us know from the contact page or the forum.

To enter a review just join the forum (it's FREE and always will be !) and enter details under a County or Country heading or in a general topic and we can edit it to it's own topic later.

You can start your own topic and  give advice and you can use the forum to ask questions about anything camping related.


So wherever you visit during the camping season,  please tell us all about it as soon as you get home or while you're there!.


FACEBOOK is a great thing (we don't have a FACEBOOK page) and it's great for leaving reviews of camp sites you have been on, however thoes reviews get lost and are moved on down the page so others and you can't read them without scrolling through what could be hours or days of comments not even related to campsite reviews ....

SO ! why not after posting a review on a FACEBOOK page log onto here and post it in the County or start a topic in our forum, it won't take lomg. :)



We are averaging around 105 hits a day in recent weeks  on the forum pages however we need MORE reviews from the members (you guys)  so ... lets get reviewing where & when you stayed let us know what you thought of the site or place you stayed at, review your best piece of camping equipment that one thing you cant camp without (apart from a motorhome, caravan, or tent)  the more reviews we get the more like minded campers we help.



Safe camping  2018.





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